Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome to Earley Light

Hello friends and WELCOME to Earley Light, the companion blog for my business Ray of Light Tarot and Reiki!  Here I will talk about whatever strikes my fancy to keep you updated, refreshed, and informed.  (oh my!)  It is my hope that I can provide information that leaves you inspired, allows you to break free momentarily to relax (don’t do it.  When you want to get to it. – ignore if you’ve never heard of Frankie Goes to Hollywood) and have a few laughs or anything in between.  Life’s journey doesn’t always have to be difficult.  We can have a good time while the universe throws lemons at us.  We can always take a baseball bat to them, smacking them right back, or play whack-a-lemon with them, showing the universe that we won’t take that crap lying down.  I want to inspire you to whip out that baseball bat or that whack-a-mole mallet and take a stand and take control of your life.
I hope that you will continue with me.
A big thanks to Joy and my classmates for the idea for the name of my blog!  You are all awesome!

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