Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Are You Rockin' the Job??!!

8 of Pentacles from Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza

Recently I heard someone state how they “lowered” themselves to take a retail job in order to make ends meet and they felt that it was wasting their time because they have a degree that they can’t use.  While I understand what this person was saying, it really chapped my butt.  Since when did taking a retail job mean that you were lowering your standards? 

This isn’t the first time that I heard this recently either.  My husband is a long haul truck driver, moving trucks – semi’s, box trucks, vans, whatever it is – from one state to another.   One of the drivers that used to work for the company (they refuse to use him because of this attitude) would turn down moving trucks that weren’t semi’s because he said it was a waste of his CDL license, even though the pay was the same.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this kind of talk and to be honest, I don’t understand it.  Why are we too good for this job and have to “lower” ourselves in order to take something that we don’t want to do?  Do the people who think this way think less of the people who are doing those jobs that they feel are below them?

My parents taught me that you take whatever job that you need to in order to make ends meet and you should be proud that you are supporting your family no matter what you are doing.  Not only that, but you do the BEST job that you can do.  I have taught my children this same thing.  My oldest daughter holds a CNA license and she had a job as a CNA, however, this facility didn’t treat her very well and they wouldn’t give her more hours then 24 hours a week when they had promised more when she first started.  As a single mom who was living at home, she needed something that would give her more hours.  She had the opportunity to work at an establishment making donuts as their processor.  Not only did they give her enough hours, but she moved out and has her own place and she is one of the best processors that they have.  Sure she would like to go back to being a CNA, but right now she is happy where she is at and she is providing for her son; my grandson.  My youngest daughter works for a fast food restaurant and was cleaning up, following the cleaning guidelines, one of them cleaning the cabinet doors and the handles.  She was told that even though these are on the cleaning list that she is the ONLY one that does this.  I have to say, I’m extremely proud of my daughters, and that pride increases tremendously when I hear stories of people thinking that they are above doing certain jobs.

While I agree that you should always strive for the best and not settle for less than what you want, I don’t believe that it has to mean that you have to have the attitude that you are better than a certain job and you would rather do nothing than take a job that is “demeaning” to you.  What is wrong with taking whatever job that you need to take in order to pay your bills, or feed your children and continue to look for something else while you are there?  What is wrong with taking pride in your work, even though it’s not your ideal job, and doing your best while you are there?  In this job market, it is difficult to find a job anyway, so if you are lucky enough to be able to get one, take it and take pride in that job!  Rock that job, baby!    Be proud that you are doing what you need to do rather than being resentful because you don’t have the job that you want because believe me, that shows in the work that you do and people see it and hear it loud and clear. 

In the meantime, we should all be grateful for having any job that we have, take pride in what we do and do our best doing it and if you don’t want the job, that’s ok.  However, if you hate it so much that it affects your job performance you should probably find another one because I can guarantee that there are several people who would love to have it, no matter what it is.
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